Building Stronger and Safer Communities

We clean up neighborhoods and get those who live there involved, in the process build stronger safer communities. Initiate neighborhood watch programs. Host community events. Provide job resources. Also offering 45 min. counseling sessions via video, phone, or in person for $45. Phone advice free 24/7 limited to 15min call.

Clean Up Neighborhoods

We organize regular neighborhood clean-up events to maintain a clean and tidy environment for everyone to enjoy.

Engage Community Members

We encourage community members to actively participate in the improvement of their neighborhood through neighborhood watch programs and other community involvement activities.

Host Community Events

We organize community events such as festivals, workshops, and educational programs to bring people together and promote a sense of unity and belonging.

About Worth Wyl Foundation

Creating Positive Change in Our Communities

Worth Wyl Foundation is a community and non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive change in our neighborhoods. We believe that by actively engaging with community members and addressing various social and economic issues, we can build stronger and safer communities for everyone.


Neighborhoods Cleaned


Community Events Hosted


Job Resources Provided

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Get in touch

Telephone: 7027067543


Address: 702-706-7543 Light at the end of the tunnel, Las Vegas, 89107, Nevada, U.S.A

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